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dA Wishing Well Feature!

Sat Feb 24, 2018, 5:27 PM
Last month I joined dAWishingWell which is an awesome group dedicating to helping people's deviantART related wishes come true! ^^ I've been doing my best to help around where I can, so you might see more of these types of features in the future - I'm making people's wishes for features come true (at least in my own little way) :la: Check them out!

Stars of the Heart“Aight, just a bit further now…” Guzma assured his blindfolded companion as he lead the other teen carefully through the hallways.
Cyrus gave a sigh, but nonetheless continued to walk, thanks to the Gryffindor’s encouragement. “You better not make me crash into anything. Again.”
Keep Reading ➤

  Miraculous Ladybug - Confessions Part 2Miraculous Ladybug – Confessions Part 2
“Cataclysm!” Chat Noir called upon his special ability to destroy anything he touches.  Bringing his hand around to the tree that he was trapped against by one of Ice Queen’s rings of ice, the tree started to rot and crumble.  By leaps and bounds he quickly made it to Ladybug’s side before Ice Queen, who screamed with rage behind him.  The last black spot on Ladybug’s red miraculous earrings started to blink, indicating that she would soon be transformed back into her normal self.  
“Let’s get you out of here, milady,” Chat Noir spoke in a gentle tone as he scooped Ladybug up into his arms and took off at an unimaginable speed to take her somewhere safe.  It wasn’t until the sudden appearance of Ladybug’s Kwami that he came to a stop.  This was it, with a simple downward glance, he would know the true identity of the girl that he loved.

New Wishing Well members! (wished for by iLantiis)
Commission: Cute by Elirio  Lineless test by lintato  Tiger by dominic-barrios  Sari (Finished) by RoostOwls  Feline on fire by Trojan-Pony  Harthm Lizzad by FabledForest  I speak for da horde... by NekoB00  Merry Christmas! by S-A-F-O  Angels Outfits- Cure Sapphire by JeansLily  a new year-ningi.
shopping —
sifting the racks
in search of new skin
thinking coyly
of tangerines
and days just as cloying
iii. closing shop before midnight
in yesteryear —
the merchants’ wares 
sleepful visions chastised
by Divinity’s drum —
the hound awakens
the embrace
of familial strangers —
faintly familiar
  Snow Escape by Deadly-Neurotoxin  Green mood by Robin-Redbreast  Coming for you by TinaLouiseUk  Be Strong by CloudySkyres  Jaxith icon :Gift: by Emiitio  Improvement Meme - Crescent Rose I and II by bluediscord  Nanakohearteye by Haruka-Fukuhara  Art Trade: Mariam by artisticallystrange  The Hobblegrunt by IridescentMirage

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Thank You!

Thu Feb 8, 2018, 2:42 PM
Hi everyone!

This is just a random journal to say thank you! I honestly feel I don't thank you guys enough, because you are all really fantastic. 

My latest event, the Christmas Critique Exchange, has gone mostly really well, and I want to say an extra thanks for everyone who participated, and I really hope you got a lot out of it! :hug:

I know I've been a bit quiet lately, mostly because I've been doing commercial commissions that I'm not comfortable with releasing until the projects are public, but I have been drawing and you'll likely get to see the fruits of those labours soon! I also wanted to warn you all that my internet has once again run out and deviantART is very slow to access, and it won't get better again until I'm basically back at university. So things may continue to be kind of quiet for a couple of weeks, but I'll be back in force late February!

But mainly I just wanted to say thank you, because you are all AMAZING and honestly just an awesome community to be part of :huggle: 

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Your Art Is Too Expensive

Thu Jan 18, 2018, 6:30 PM
This idea.
I see so many comments and even journals around deviantART with this idea. And in a lot of cases, it's absolutely ridiculous. 

Since I opened commissions, I've been absolutely beyond lucky. Though my art is more expensive than a majority of what I see on dA, I've never had anyone tell me my prices are too much, so this isn't a personal thing for me (and for that I am extremely grateful). Instead I'm writing this on behalf of all the other artists who do get told this, and who are affected by this, because this needs to be heard.

When you commission an artist, it's just like hiring any other service, like a carpenter, or a car mechanic, or a pest control agent. You're hiring someone with a specialised set of skills to complete a specialised job for you. Essentially, you're not hiring the end product - you're hiring their time. With this in mind, let's continue.

This problem of perceived overpricing is particularly bad on dA - in the real world, people pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for art, and I've seen people say a $5 illustration is too much. I think one of the main contributors to this is the currency of points. 100 points... well I mean, let's be real - 100 of anything sounds like a lot, right? In reality, 100 points is not a lot. 100 points is about $1 USD.
Let's go back to the idea of hiring an artist's time. Say the artist is selling a half-body painting for 100 points, and it takes them 2 hours to do. They are getting paid 50c an hour. It doesn't matter how inexperienced an artist is or how unconfident they are in their art, their time is worth more than 50c an hour.

A lot of people on this site are quite young, or don't make a lot of money, and I understand that in these circumstances, even prices in the $10 - $50 range can seem like a lot. But for complex, time-consuming illustrations, $10 is nowhere near enough. So please don't tell anyone their prices are too expensive, or that nobody will buy anything unless they lower them. Even if you're just trying to give them advice to get more sales, it can seem as if you're undervaluing their work or trying to get art for yourself for cheaper. Their pricing is their choice, and it's probably already less than what they should be getting!

And For Those Who Don't Feel That They Can Raise Their Prices

If you're selling art that you worked hard on for a pittance, remember that your time is worth more than that! If you're spending hours on commissions that are less than 500 points, or even less than 100 points, you're selling yourself immeasurably short. 
You might feel that people won't buy from you if you increase your prices, but if more people priced themselves reasonably, there wouldn't be this idea that 200 points is expensive!
There are always people willing to pay a bit more, and if you haven't found them, you probably just haven't got the right amount of exposure yet. 
Supply and demand is definitely something to take into account, but please - your time is worth more than 10 points! :hug:

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First Work of 2018 Feature!

Sun Jan 14, 2018, 2:04 PM
 New year, new art! I called for people to show me their first work of 2018 and wow you guys have started off the new year with a bang! Check out these amazing pieces, and thank you to everyone who contributed! :la: Sorry I couldn't reply to everyone on the thread, once I got back on there were too many :'D

Dreamcatcher by YaggyDigital  First Upload in 2018 by alenawal  #230 - Kingdra by satsume-shi  strange trails by ellieblues  SilentNinjaCookie by MillyMop585  Hot Mochaccino by Mocha711  Glowing Girl (Art Trade) by LacrimareObscura  Earth-chan by chinchongcha  Specter by Serch2  Find a lover who will look at you this way by TheOddFalsetto  Small Sketch of Me  by PoisonPeas   Tom Riddle by gabrielleragusi  .: Fatal Experiment :. by AmbergrisElement  Happy New Year! by Runaree  Have you ever heard of that guy before? by ourdarkestteaparty  Inori (test.version001) by tsukihimeonii  My Smile is My Sword Against the World by StarFishii  Payment 2/2 by AmarantaYuuki  Starcraft - Firebat by SteveNoble197  Yuki-onna by ARTificialphanTOM  Huggles by AltairSky  san pedro by zackosletacos  .:Kawaii Katsumi:. by ScarletAlyssa Butterfly by Leanuka  Gunfight by Davide-Bondi  I am yours... by melanie-r  Little Crying Gaara by Binouchetruc  Rainbow Colored Pencil Zebra Baby by MyArtsDelight  Walt Disney creating mermaids by Stamios  Dragoner by MaryamAswad Tsarevna by Professor-R  Sweet Couple (Comm) by loveedreams  Digital painting 16: Above the Clouds by KQ4rt  Aim for New Heights by RCAmbriz  Cali in color by KawaiiSphynx  Stripe and the bleach head critter by Ava-the-gremlin 

Mature Content

The Gloom Wanderer by Phracker
  Feather Magic by Lathienchan  Breaking Life: Mizian by MizianTheDragon  Week 01: Niko and Doc by Starfire-Productions  Rin Kujou [2] (To Love-Ru) by MinimalistKnight  Wallflower x Tomboy!Reader P1
Fandom: The Wallflower
Genre: x Reader
Fic Series: Auntie's New Deal
Chapter Summary: Take one group of gorgeous teenage boys, one gothic horror fiend of a girl and we already had a risky recipe; now stir in one rebellious tomboy reader with no intention of ever putting on a skirt. Let's see if the concoction erupts like a science fair volcano...or if it's safe to stick it in the mansion and let it simmer.
A Brief Note: This is part of a multi-path series. Read the [Introduction] for the prologue.
Reader's Guide
Since its my first time writing x Reader fiction, I may not remember or use all the same codes most authors do. My watchers may not be used to this writing style either. So here's my reader's guide.
[Y/N] = Your first name
[L/N] = Your last name
[Full Name] = Your
  Cat-bat thing by ClipClapCat  Warm Welcomes And Bear Hugs by BranMuffinBri <da:thumb id="724401225"/>  Unnamed Pony OC by LadyDemmona  Beau by Fox-Petal-Designs  My first 2018 work by Virus-Tormentor  Vae | CM by PyonSangSang  Permafrost by Nymonyrya  80s Comic Page by Tonixel  Lunarian Trailer animation by Azurelly  IdiotCorrupt P.O.V
My eyes opened as Pixel adjusted herself in my hold, wrapping her arm around mine as she breathed softly in her slumber. My hands were tangled around her and we were practically stuck in each others arms, but I liked it that way. I looked down at her, stroking her hair lightly with her head on my chest. She was so beautiful when she was sleeping, even the tiniest movements she made were graceful and gentle. I turned around and kissed her lightly on the head with a smile, murmuring a little “I love you” into her ear before resting back against the pillow of our bed again.
I lay there still for what felt like hours, staring at the ceiling as the slow minutes of the night passed by. Pixel groaned tiredly in my arms and I adjusted so she was comfortable. She slowly kissed my hand, which sent a tingle of warmth through my arm and a strange emotion to my mind. I sighed happily.
“How could I ha-a-a-ave lived for so long without you..”
  [SSE] How Can I Make You Mine? by rainbow000pegasus   Just a simple girl by dienahHUN  8XJ Double Split Skirt by AquaticJM  Monika - My Reality by TMiracle  Naughty fairies by AncaXBre   Three Men by LikaKinsky  Starbound: Novakid Character by Arjura-Edevhir  Arctic Defender by ADKKitty  [Request] by ViataMinunata  Jolyne Cujoh: The Rebel by AlainMadHatter  New Year's 2018  by SwordRedheart  Fearful with no Principles by authenticity11

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New Year's Musings

Sat Dec 30, 2017, 3:17 PM
Hi everyone! 

I had to go back and look at what I wrote this time last year, because I'd forgotten, and curiosity got the better of me. I won't sugarcoat it - 2017 hasn't been the easiest year for me, by any stretch of the imagination. So what I wrote about all the amazing things that happened to me on dA in 2016 makes my 2017 kind of pale in comparison.
So I'm not going to make some huge sweeping statement about how much my watcher count has grown, like I did last year. I'm not going to talk about my Core, my commissions or my events (though my events this year have been super successful, so thank you so much to all you wonderful people for making them possible!). 
I'm going to talk about being happy. 

I won't lie - for most of this year, I was not happy. I think that's something a lot of us on here can relate to. It connects us sometimes, in a way, I think. 
I think it would still be a lie to say that I am happy - or at least, completely happy. But these last couple of months, I've really tried to take a hold of my life and of myself.
The pain hasn't made me happy, but it has made me grow. I have GROWN so much as a person this year. And I think anybody can be happy about that.

So going into 2018, I'm just going to try to grow more. I know who I want to be now, and I'm going to try to become that person. Happiness is great and all, but you can't get to that happiness without doing a bit of growing first :)
Maybe 2017 was a growing year for you too. It might be that it was hard, but I bet if you look back at who you were in January, you'll find that you're a lot stronger now.

So here's your reminder:
You are important. You are strong, you are valid, you are loved, and you can do this :)
Let's go, 2018!

In other news, if anyone is interested, I will indeed be spending New Year's Eve the same way I've spent almost all my New Year's Eves  (except once when I went to an awkward family house party) - asleep.
Happy Ne
w Year!

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Christmas is on the way, so it's time to do some giving (and receiving XD)! This is my Christmas Critique Exchange! :la: The aim of this event is to get you some helpful tips on your art from my other wonderful watchers (and me!) as well as give you some practice writing critiques and helping others :)

How Does It Work?

1. Post a comment with the work you'd like critiqued (just one, to avoid mass confusion XD)
2. I will write at the end of this journal a list of participants including how many critiques they've given and how many critiques they've received
3. The aim of the game is to have each participant give as many critiques as they receive or vice versa

4. You'll be put into a group - every FIVE comments will count as a group - first five = group 1, second five = group 2 and so on
5. Once I finalise your group (will tag you all in a comment), you must critique all four of the other works in your group - this way, everyone will get an even amount of critiques 
6. Once you have finished, you may post another comment with another thumbnail to join a new group 

Writers are welcome too (just post your work in a comment like normal) but instead of being grouped with artists I'll group you separately with other writers  :) 

How Long Does It Go For?

As long as we want, really! I'll stop making groups at the end of January, if it happens that we are still going at that point! You don't have to participate that long if you don't want to though, and you don't have to participate from the beginning either! 
I'd prefer it if you can give your critiques to all your fellow group members within 2 weeks of your group being finalised (I'll let you know when that happens). If something comes up and you can't, just let me know, and I can give you an extension, or you can leave the event if you need that instead.

But I Don't Know How To Write A Critique!

I have some tips in this journal here, just click it! > How To Write Constructive Criticism

Are There Any Rules?

1. No NSFW / fetish / explicitly offensive art for your thumbnail!
2. Your critique must be at least 5 sentences long (somewhere you must say that it's for this event so I can keep track, but this sentence DOES NOT COUNT as one of the 5)
3. It must contain things you liked AND things they can improve on
4. For each thing you say that they can improve, you must suggest at least one way it could be improved
5. Don't be deliberately offensive or unhelpful
6. Don't avoid doing a critique just because you don't like the piece or you're not familiar with the medium/content - give it your best shot, it might be even more helpful for the artist
7. If, for some reason, you really don't want to/can't critique a piece, let me know via note and I'll sort something else out for you

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here >…
:la: I'll get the ball rolling with a thumbnail of my own! 

NOTE: Please don't critique anyone's work until I tag you in a comment finalising your group - people have been critiquing outside their group which is totally okay but it means you'll end up doing more in the long run and if you've critiqued work that isn't mine (I'll always critique back), I can't guarantee the artist will critique you back.

Group 1 - FULL - written / received
Arasteia - 4 / 3
Zontickles - 4 / 4
NekoB00 - 4 / 3
LunarEstrella - 4 / 4
kukkikeki - 2 / 4

Group 2 - FULL - written / received
xHisLittleAngel - 4 / 4 
CatSpaceDesign - 4 /4
Anchiele - 3 / 4
dqube - 4 / 4
MrRemoraman - 4 / 3

Group 3 - FULL - written / received
Vivyi - 4 / 4
omoulo - 4 / 4
Zaloffshat - 4 / 4
tsukihimeonii - 4 / 4
EmilyZapallo - 4 / 4

Group 4 - FULL - written / received
Merilfaen696 - 4 / 3
breeportraitart - 4 / 4
Living-Room-King - 2 / 3
NekoB00 - 3 / 3
Arasteia - 4 / 4

Writer's Group - FULL - written / received
Skater1ooo - 0 / 0
Bealmeister - 0 / 0

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How To Write Constructive Criticism

Mon Dec 18, 2017, 1:03 PM
The ability to write a rounded and effective critique is probably one of the most important skills a creator can have in their arsenal. Being able to identify flaws in a piece and then articulate them in a constructive manner is important to both the creator of the piece and you as a creator yourself. 

You might be wondering why you need to know this. Proper critiques are pretty hard to come by around deviantART, which can be frustrating for those looking to improve, as well as making it difficult for people to learn to critique effectively. Knowing WHAT to critique is just something that comes with practice and knowledge of your craft, but I'll give you as much help as I can there too. But critiquing the work of others reinforces these elements and helps you look out for them in your own work. 
In other words, giving constructive criticism will help you become a better artist or writer!

So How Do I Start?

Positively! The best critiques have an equal balance of good and not-so-good things in a work. It's important not to sugarcoat, or the person won't know where to improve, but at the same time, you can't be completely critical, or you'll risk just upsetting the artist. 
With this in mind, only give critique if the artist or writer has ASKED for it, or states somewhere that it's okay. You might just be trying to help, but sometimes it can be offensive or upsetting to receive unwanted critique, so be sure the creator actually wants it before you start writing!
My favourite analogy is that a critique is like a sandwich. You start with bread (positivity), then you have your fillings (constructive criticism), and then you end with your other piece of bread (more positivity!)
What I like to do is start with a general statement of what good thing first struck me about the piece. Maybe if the piece is a massive artwork with multiple characters and lots of action, I'll say something like 'This is really epic!' Or if it's an emotive portrait, I'll say something like 'This piece really moved me, emotionally.' Let the artist know straight up that you liked the piece and what about it really stuck out to you. Basically ask yourself, what awesome thing made me click on the thumbnail to see it better?
Then you can go into more detail about the things you like. At this point, it's probably good to stick with the more positive stuff for a few sentences. If you find yourself running into stuff they could improve that ties into your compliments, it's probably best not to launch into the criticism - instead you could mention that you'll come back to it later. But don't forget about it when you do come to your criticism! After you've mentioned all the positive things you'd like to, it's time to get to the constructive criticism. 

How Do I Criticise Without Sounding Mean?

It's actually pretty simple :) I find most unhelpful criticism can be put down to one or any combination of three things - it's unbalanced, it's opinion stated as fact, or it's basically just an insult.
Unbalanced criticism means there is too much focus on the faults of the piece. The best critiques don't have a sentence on what was good and then five sentences on what can be improved. Try to keep an equal amount of praise and criticism, and you won't seem like you're being overly critical.
Opinion stated as fact criticism is when you give your opinion - which will be a majority of a critique - as hard-and-fast law. Unless it's a grammatical/punctuation error or spelling mistake (even then, bear in mind it could be intentional), try not to write definitive statements like 'you can't', 'you should', 'you need to' or 'you have to'. Statements like these will make them feel like they've done something wrong and are being bossed around. Critiques are subjective suggestions, not orders, and it's the creator's choice in the end. I find it best to put something like 'you could', 'I'd suggest trying', 'I think' or 'I find that'. I always like to toss in a lot of 'maybe's and 'perhaps's so they know it's totally up to them to make their own decision in the end.
Insult criticism is basically just when you point out something you don't like and don't suggest ways to improve. This is when critique just becomes insult. For every flaw you point out, I think it's best to tell them a way it could be fixed or improved - otherwise, they can't really learn from it. If you don't feel you're qualified or don't know how to explain, point them to articles on Google or tutorials here on dA that might express what you can't. 

What Can I Talk About?

As I mentioned earlier, knowing your stuff really helps here, and it's pretty hard to write a good critique if you don't know the fundamentals. The most important thing is not to make stuff up!  If you don't know what complementary colours are, perhaps don't talk about them without doing some research. If you're not totally sure what makes a good composition, take some time to look up some info before giving them suggestions.
That being said, here is a list of things in both art and writing you might talk about! 

What You Might Talk About In A CritiqueArt
Composition (is the whole thing visually pleasing? Are there clear and relevant focal points? Is your eye led around the image smoothly or are there lines going everywhere/leading you out of the image? Would it be better suited to the subject being centred, or to follow the Rule of Thirds?)
Lighting (is there a clear light source? Is the contrast between lights and shadows sufficient? Does the light interact with the subject/objects in a logical way?)
Colour (are complementary colours used effectively? Are shadows pure black or are they a shade of colour? Are the colours too intense/dull/clashing?)
Anatomy (does the pose seem natural? Is the physical anatomy correct? If there is a use of 'strange' perspective, is it accounted for in the anatomy?)
Lineart (is it clean? Does the thickness vary? Is it plain black or coloured?)

And How Do I End?

Again, with positivity! Bring it back to what you overall liked about the piece (don't repeat yourself word for word though) and give them some encouraging words to finish up and end on a high note.
Don't worry if you find it hard to write critiques at first! It can be difficult, but like art it gets easier with practice! Don't forget, every time you write a critique, you're helping not only somebody else, but also yourself!

If you want to read more about giving or receiving comments, ProjectComment is an awesome group focusing on spreading good constructive criticism (I was an Official Commenter there for a while) and they have tonnes of great journals you can read here >…

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Need some help coming up with ideas for your next artwork or story?
In my first journal of this two-part series, Why You Should Draw When You Can't Draw Anything, I spoke about the struggles of art or writer's block and why you should push through them to the other side. It's all very well to decide you need to beat block, but sometimes it can be difficult to figure out exactly what you need to do. In this journal I'll give you a few tips that have helped me beat my own bouts of art block, and hopefully they'll help you too!

1. Find Inspiration
I stand by the concept that the best inspiration comes from real life, but other than telling you to go out and live life, that might not be overly helpful. So instead I'm going to suggest something more direct - find inspiration from what's already out there!
For writers, don't forget to read! Oftentimes I find when I'm super blocked, it's because I haven't been reading enough. If you are reading, maybe try something new? If you like fantasy, you could give crime fiction a go. If you read romance, why not pick up some horror? Novelists might try some poetry, or poets might try some non-fiction. Branching out can freshen you up and give you more ideas than you might think!
For artists, look at art! Go to your favourites, give them a look through! So many people fave stuff and then forget about it, but honestly I find my favourites so inspiring in terms of concepts and atmosphere. Go to Popular 24 Hours, go to Daily Deviations, go to Undiscovered - there's a wealth of art waiting for you. And the same goes for branching out - look at styles you'd normally pass over, or browse content categories you've never been into. You might find some motivation in the unknown.

2. Use References

This might seem odd, but hear me out. There are two different ways an artist might use references. The first is to do a study. A study is basically where you copy (not trace!) an image to try to get a better understanding of its visual elements. Go to Google or to the Resources & Stock Images category right here on dA, and just browse stock photos or poses until you find something that catches your interest - then draw it! This is helpful whether you're a realism artist or not, as it gives you valuable knowledge of anatomy, rendering, colour and lighting that are applicable to all styles of art! If you post it, just remember to credit! If you make it clear that it's a study and not your own idea, nobody's going to be mad at you. Loads of artists do studies! I have, and professionals do too - maybe more than most artists!
Secondly, an artist might use many references to inspire a painting of their own composition. Again, browse poses until you find something that inspires you. But don't stop there! Let it create an image in your head - I find that choosing poses that suit the personalities of my OCs is very helpful, so then I can just draw my OC. Keep finding references and combine their elements in your head. An arm here, a leg here, a facial expression from somewhere else, colours from another photo entirely. Build a very unique and personal image out of bits and pieces, that doesn't look like anything you started off with! Again, if you closely reference, remember to credit. 

3. Try Something New

I spoke briefly before about branching out when gathering inspiration - how about taking it to the next level? Create something totally new and unusual for you! Draw something in another style, write a 1000 word story in another genre. Google a list of art movements and paint something that matches one of them - this list is a good place to start! 
I did an event a while ago where I gave volunteers randomly selected art styles to try, and featured the works they came up with. A few of them said it helped break them out of their art block!

4. Use Prompts

This is especially good for writers, but works for artists too! Online generators can be really helpful if you're super stuck for an idea. This first-line generator is one of my personal favourites, mainly because it comes up with some really funny stuff, but some is really thought-provoking too. Think about the sentences you get. What could trigger these events? Why was the truth that he was unemployed mind boggling to Uncle Jed? Why might May stir memories of the tragedy - what tragedy? Asking yourself the 'how, what, when, where and why' is amazingly helpful in creating a story! 
You can use these if you're an artist too. They might take a bit of imagination, but if you're up for a challenge, why not try drawing a scene that appears from a generator like that one? I'm sure there'd be some great ideas in there :D 

One last important thing to remember is - don't despair! Art or writer's block might feel awful in the moment, but it's not the end of the world. Like all things, it'll pass. Quite probably you've been through it before, and gotten out. Remember that you'll make it out again.

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How many times has this happened to you?
You're suddenly struck with an urge to draw or write, but when you sit down, nothing happens? Or you might be scrolling through dA and looking at all these amazing pieces and wanting so badly to do something of your own, but you just can't bring yourself to  begin? You're not alone. 

Every creator ever has gone or will go through periods of art or writer's block. It's just something that happens. For this reason the most important thing, before you do anything else, is to remember that it doesn't mean you're a bad creator.  You're not unskilled, you're not getting worse, and it certainly doesn't mean you're never going to be able to draw or write again. Having block does not invalidate you as a creator :) (Smile) In fact at this point, it's almost a rite of passage! But don't ever think that having block means you're bad at what you do.

So. You're blocked. You're probably feeling pretty terrible, quite possibly about your work. One of the things most likely to cause art block for me is being too critical of my art. I start feeling like I should be making faster progress, like everything I do is fatally flawed, like my skill hasn't got better and is never going to go anywhere. These are probably pretty familiar thoughts, right? But I can tell you right now, they're not true, and probably one of the best ways of proving this to yourself is to look back on your old art.
If you hear this and immediately don't want to because you think your old art is terrible, then congratulations - you've just proven that your art has gotten better.
You have made progress, you are getting better, and you shouldn't be afraid :) If you didn't think this, or you need further reinforcement, then don't worry - it's time to look back at your old work. Anything from a few months to several years, you'll likely be able to see the difference just comparing them side by side. Your newer stuff probably just overall looks or reads better! Then look closer - notice improvements in specifics like colouring, lighting, composition, anatomy, linework, texturing. 
The same goes for writing, but instead look at sentence structure, paragraph flow, imagery, word choice.
You are you, and nobody else, and the only art you can compare yours to is your old art - not something that anyone else has drawn. Your work has come a very long way, and it'll continue to go further if just you keep at it - so there's no time to give up!

Something else that might help to figure out exactly what might be bugging you about your art. I can tell you right now, no matter where you might be in your journey, your work is worth it.
Being able to pinpoint exactly what makes you feel uncomfortable about your work can really help in feeling a sense of purpose - lacking direction can definitely cause art block. It'll be stuff like I mentioned up above - colouring, lighting, composition, anatomy, etc. Last time I had a major problem with my art, I realised it was because I was using colours incorrectly. I was able to work towards amending that issue and it really helped me become more comfortable with where my art is going. 
If you can't see it yourself, you can always ask someone else! Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes! (NOTE: I'm happy to lend one of these, if you need it! I'm no expert but I'm always happy to give my opinion to those who ask :) )
Knowing exactly what you'd like to improve can really help your confidence in your art as well as your motivation to keep pushing and achieve your goals! Because believe me, you can achieve them!
Pretty much any level of skill in art is attainable if you're willing to work for it. Every great creator - every single one - started off where you are now, and probably had the exact same fears, doubts and dreams that you have. And you can bet they went through art or writer's block, just like you, and probably did it many, many times before they got to where they are today.

So just look at block like another feather in your cap. Just one more step towards where you want to be. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and this block won't be the death of you either.

So, now you know why you should push through your art block, how exactly do you find ways to beat it? I've got you covered in the second part of this series - What To Draw When You Can't Draw Anything

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Looking For Christmas Gifts? :D

Thu Dec 7, 2017, 4:38 PM
This is gonna be big so let's get right into it! Also yes - new journal skin! I wanted a change :D 
Y'all have such great styles! Just click on the commission links below the thumbnails to go to their info!

                 - CrypticEgo                                                                                            - DuckBites
Smouldering Entropy [Commission 1/2 for Lif0] by CrypticEgo Art Trade Chalice Bust For Moony by CrypticEgo  Cheeky Bastard [Commission 1/2 for Garnet] by CrypticEgo                          Hi Hi! by DuckBites  [ BNHA ] Hajime by DuckBites  What Does the Fox Say? by DuckBites
(Open) Point/PayPal Commissions (Sale!)                                                                     Commissions: Open        

                           - NyxRei                                                                                         - VanillatheNeko
  Kyle Bunny by NyxRei  Creative Title by NyxRei  [Cm] Elvaneyl by NyxRei                      Skitty by VanillatheNeko   Relaxing Day by VanillatheNeko  AT: Nailah by VanillatheNeko
                         [Open] - Commissions !                                                               Blind Point Commissions/Adopts (Open)

                                - Vanna2005                                                                                - CopperSpy
Youtubers- Dapper boy // Jacksepticeye by Vanna2005  Video Games- Yuri in a sweater // DDLC by Vanna2005  Youtubers- Coffee Bean!! // Jacksepticeye by Vanna2005                  Averel by CopperSpy [Trade] Coffee Break by CopperSpy Goretober Day 26 - Needles by CopperSpy
                                Commissions! (OPEN)                                                        Commissions are OPEN (Points or $$$)      

                 - LilKingAllen                                                                                     - SprigofThyme
Contest Prizes|| Woof by LilKingAllen    .:[COMMISSION]:. cheers by LilKingAllen  .:[COMMISSION]:. lets go by LilKingAllen           I Suck at Drawing Male Characters by SprigofThyme Rose Bust by SprigofThyme Doki Doki Literature Club: Yuri by SprigofThyme
        .:{Commission Info}:. [OPEN]                                                                       Commission Info (OPEN) 

                            - agatecristal                                                                               - LunarEstrella
Pearl by agatecristal  Run (2) by agatecristal  Meteora by agatecristal                      Goob Sketchy Portrait by LunarEstrella  Do Chickens Drown In The Rain? by LunarEstrella Lunar Fall by LunarEstrellaWidget at Bottom of Profile     Price List For Commissions (Open)

                - ParanoidKitteh                                                                                     - TheGladeOfSeams
Nurse OC by ParanoidKitteh  Gift 1 by ParanoidKitteh  Jaelly Redraw by ParanoidKitteh                           Vivid Rainbow #302 - Amethyst Dust (Upright) by TheGladeOfSeams  Vivid Rainbow #402 - Lilypad Lake (Width) by TheGladeOfSeams  Vivid Rainbow #307 - 24k Gold (Height) by TheGladeOfSeams
Widget at Top of Profile   Etsy Link Here

                                - NyanHuman                                                                                 - LacrimareObscura
? by NyanHuman  Realistic Portrait Wip by NyanHuman  The Last Goodbye by NyanHuman                  Water Wolf (Starcall Request) by LacrimareObscura Alis (Art Trade) by LacrimareObscura Serapeum (Art Trade) by LacrimareObscura
                            Cheap Commissions! [Updated!!]                                                           commissions *open*      

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comm SonicSatamX93  by Cauletous-Recadency Dancey-Dancey by Cauletous-Recadency Art Trade SkullTea by Cauletous-Recadency                            Neriphira Antoine  by xXSword-ChanXx Calon's Commission  by xXSword-ChanXx New character-Alaqua Hania by xXSword-ChanXx
            Sonic/human/other Commission prices (open)                                               Commissions (Points/Paypal)

                            -         ChibiPenn                                                                                    - ZENChikuwa
Ashie Smith by ChibiPenn  Gintama by ChibiPenn  Livi by ChibiPenn                          Want a Taste? - Eve - by ZENChikuwa  Shall We Dance? by ZENChikuwa  Masquerader, Cross by ZENChikuwa
                            Commissions Information                                                           Commission Open! [Unlimited Slots]

                              - KaiyaAquamarine                                                                       - DeskLampNinja
Izzain by KaiyaAquamarine Kimi by KaiyaAquamarine Kaiya Bending by KaiyaAquamarine                 Bone Wyvern and Friend by DeskLampNinja Here comes a Special Pizza Boy! by DeskLampNinja KARP KARP by DeskLampNinja
                        (OPEN) Commissions - USD                                                     Official Desk Lamp Commission Info 

                                             - Planetrix 

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I love doing features, and I haven't done one in ages, so here it is! If you're in here, either you commented your favourite piece by someone else, or someone commented your piece as one of their favourites they've seen recently! There are a LOT in here and some people suggested multiple pieces by the same artist so in those cases I only picked one, because this feature is already massive XD Thank you so much all who participated!

Zero G by BoldCat  Too clever by half by Planetrix  Guardian by NeonCorvid  The Maintenance Apprentice by Imaginary-Rat  Christmas coming soon by Nanitapop  What A Perfectly Beautiful Little Lady by Mmkaay  Favourite of The Day 2 by Peace33227  Blind by agatecristal   Otto Othan by Vivyi  Introducing Moonlight Wanderers by JocelynSamara  Inktober Day 23 Juicy by SerraBritt  Com: Princess by Pawlove-Arts <da:thumb id="714141194"/>  Broken Reflection by Lumi-Yosei  Piece 2 for Comet Shine by LunarEstrella  Fates Intertwined by The-RL-Bonehead 

Mature Content

Murderer by NyanHuman
  [RSK] For the Loved and the Fallen by Risa-Surako-Kaiori  Remember Your Roots by CrystalSuki  Tears Are Becoming by Kainaa  [TRADE] + LOOK AT THIS CUTE ADORABLE KOALA + by FuriousStalker-chan  Caelum by GigaMessy  Puppyhood by Skailla  Group of Friends by Miku8  Fluffy Kitty Doodle by RiownerTias  Snow rose by Oniijuice  Prejudice by xSleepingForestx  Kazuki's Team by KiraAiros  Erylia finds a friend by MLeth  Anathoth by MagusFerox  'Fierce' (Inktober 2017) by HelenMcLaughlinArt  Let Me Touch Your Ears by LunaLunett  Hello Strawberry Drop! by b-Eggot  Asuna by SeasideDreamer  Christian Moonlight by foxhat94  Commission - Violet by Arasteia  new id for 2017 by Taralen  [RAFFLE PRIZE] Stalkerama! by PeppermintCandyArt  [C] Lacrima by Uni-colours  Contest Entry - Oisin by nickkaur  Lumina [OC contest entry] by ClovenGleam  Dummy, duuuummyy! - Contest entry by RosiNyam  Gift: WhiterStar by Grendelkin  Reka and Erion [Gaia Saga] - Draw my OC contest by ongkomelissa  Serapeum (Art Trade) by LacrimareObscura  Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff by LilithReturns  Friends by FandorkOfEverything nephews by little-ampharos  Kiss the girl by RaphaelOda  Varian by Anastasia1995art  My Ninjago Oc by colorgirl58  Kazumi Mishima - Koukai by SketchMeNot-Art  Chickamangu pg 1 second try by MrRemoraman  Commission: Fae Reaper by ArunaWolf  Jack Frost by germanmissiles  Felixis [PC] by Arenbou  ROTG - Your skin is pale white and ice cold... by Fuugen  Lovinity Commission by xXSword-ChanXx  88  .b l a c k. by vashperado  Yoru Alt Outfit: Necromancer by AnthroYuu  [COMMISSION] Yuuto by Kolviex <da:thumb id="715920876"/>  Yumeko Jabami by winterfeuille  Lion by jackkaminski  Bridges by RCAmbriz  Sean Gunn / Kraglin with a galaxy cat by Esther-Viola  Gabriel by mashakukhar  Inktober Day 21 - Chuck/Rob Benedict Supernatural by GabyTheArchangel  [C] Jen by hannelArt  Tink by MeowYin 

Mature Content

[NSFW] Painted Nymph by Valkymie

Mature Content

Kax by Asranna
  Autumn by vurdeM  loser by DlSGUlSE  Maleficent : YouTube! by rossdraws  City Walk - Day #160 by AngelGanev  Lily Charm. by Idealisoa  The Artist's Perspective (2017) by breeportraitart  [commission] Haky by ZuzoHyuu  Alice by IrenHorrors  Witch by Stamios  [FANART] Kingdom Hearts III : Sora and Chirithy by kurisart  Mask (day 31) by Whobleyh  Orgon Rockfist by SirNoir  Jag har ett plan - Character picture by Fyoriosity  Visitors from space by SinoStefan  Nami by Rally1  Jack of Diamonds by Damjan-Gjorgievski  Evan by Gossamer1204  Snack in the forest. by Anakantress  Thelas and Gadget by G4CEsz-Artique  New in the city by nahomira  [C] Row row row your...teaset - Update by Fyoriosity  Selfy Animation Project 1: Risaneko by RiownerTias  Azura, The Water Songstress by Serrelin  Arm Kitty by KiraAiros  Dark Queen (Full-Body) by CrystalSuki  A Moment Alone by yuumei  Akito Tanaka--Sunset Boy by BlackBunii  [PR] Extra credit~Perforner AU by Shikaama  Glow by demicintaapatakbisa  Her scenery 02 by PenName-Kazeno  I kill for a living. by kawacy  Niiicccoooooo by Nikkee-Chan  [RSK] Kongouseki, Hoshi. by Risa-Surako-Kaiori

Ari's Social Media Masterpost

Mon Nov 27, 2017, 4:58 PM
Hi everyone!

So I've decided to expand beyond dA and put my art in a few other places too ^^ This'll be the masterlist for my accounts and I'll update it as I get more :)

My shiny new Tumblr blog! I'll be updating it regularly with my art and art from others I love, as well as generally fresh, inspiring and awesome things! ^^ And if you let me know you're from my community on dA, I'll follow you back! Come join the journey! 

Save Net Neutrality!

Tue Nov 21, 2017, 9:27 PM
EDIT: I hate to have to repost this but... the FCC voted 3 - 2 to repeal net neutrality today. However, it still has to go through Congress so there IS a chance - but we can't stop fighting yet! 
This journal has more information on the situation and what can be done - Regarding the FCC Vote
If you're not American, you can sign these petitions if you haven't already………


You might've heard, you might not have heard - I didn't hear until Markiplier posted a video - but net neutrality is under attack yet again... and this time it's really serious. 

The importance of net neutrality is kind of hard to explain. Put it this way: say you, like me, use YouTube every day. Net neutrality gets repealed. You go to get onto YouTube... and you discover that you have to pay a fee to access YouTube because your provider doesn't like it.
It won't just be YouTube either - it'll be all sites. Providers can charge a fee for people to get 'fast-lane' access to sites and even block sites they don't like. I may have explained this really poorly but believe me, it's a big issue. 

People are rallying against the repeal. Even if you don't live in America, you can help - even I emailed the FCC to try to protest the repeal. 

This reddit thread has a lot of information -…
If you're American, this can help you contact your reps and have your say -
Or if you're not American, you can email the FCC like I did from here -

Here's a link to the petition! I signed ^^…

If you'd rather listen than read, Markiplier's video explains it pretty well and has some great resources in the description.


If you haven't heard about this or haven't helped but want to, please go check out some of those resources. It's easy, and even if you're nervous about phone calls like me, you can just email rather than telephone :)

This is a big issue, and spreading awareness and taking action is probably the most important thing right now! Every little bit helps ^^

P.S. I've seen a loooot of people wondering if this will  affect them because they're not American, but it will. Say your favourite YouTuber is American and can't access YouTube, or your favourite artists here on dA can't access dA... you're not going to see content from them anymore. :( This is much bigger than just America, and even if it weren't, our American friends don't deserve to lose their internet freedom! 

5000 Watchers!

Fri Oct 27, 2017, 3:34 PM
Hi everyone!

Oh boy! 5000 watchers! That's really, really incredible. I remember only having 20 XD 
Usually I write out a huge long thing to thank you all, and I really should since this time it's a pretty big milestone, but I'm somewhat drained at the moment so I'm just going to thank you guys.

I'd really like to do a giveaway to celebrate, as I usually do, but I don't have the motivation to take on more owed art at the moment, so I was thinking I might do a couple of microphone-on livestreams in the coming days! So that means even though you can't talk to me (except through chat) I can talk to you guys (or myself, if nobody's in chat XD)!

Anyways THANK YOU guys so much for your unending support and just general awesomeness! You're honestly a really great bunch of people and I'm so lucky to have you all :huggle:

(OFFLINE) Streaming!

Sat Oct 7, 2017, 8:36 PM
Don't judge me on the amount of layers I have 
Also I got my dual monitor set up so I can look at chat yay

P.S. To anyone getting this post-stream on the 29th then no you didn't miss the microphone stream. There was no microphone and I don't think the stream itself was working anyway, so it lasted all of about 20 minutes. You didn't miss anything XD

Commission Feature

Fri Sep 29, 2017, 7:04 PM
Hi everyone!

I just have done a lot of commissioning lately. Pretty much all the points I get from adopts etc. go back into commissioning others :D It's like a big happy cycle XD Anyway I haven't been disappointed with a single commission yet and I just wanted to show them all off honestly? Frankly they all need a billion favourites. And I'd totally recommend commissioning any of these artists, they were all lovely to work with and I'm so happy with the results! <3
Thank you so much to anyone who's lent their amazing talent to bring my babs to life! ;3;

Commission for Arasteia by Felix-Vulpes  Iconbatch23 by VAZ0R  Nap cmm by HaitemStardust  CM: The Demon by Kenzzay  Kaiser - Com by AstraGalactica MEAN KITTY by JollyJinks Patch by OnlySomeoneRandom Untitled by rottingseams I don't Think You Get The Point by Bennyislove spaceships by thedawner  1/3 Comm: Sancia by tea-penguin  Bloodmoon by VAZ0R   Co: X by SomberAid   Clover by Coyoto-Canine  Drag me Down by elmstreetnightmare   Tior by OnlySomeoneRandom  Behel .:PC:. by Meta4icalli  queen of winter by NASHIAA  Page Dolls For arasteia by AndraFrost  Rough Luck Bub by Bennyislove

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A while back I asked you guys to give me some general tips and tricks for aspiring artists, and you had some awesome advice! Thank you so much to all of you! Here's a compilation (I had to shorten some of them, my apologies!) ^^

General Advice!

- Don't be afraid to take your time on a piece!

- Don't forget to practice!

- Knowing your capabilities or limitations is also good. If you mostly draw male figures but lack knowledge on how to draw female figures then you'll know where to focus most of your practice.

- Avoid Chris Hart and his books like the freaking bubonic plague. So much sexism, sizeism, racism...pretty much any -ism you can conjure up tbh along with horrible anatomy and even worse drawing advice.

- Comparison and competition with others will kill you... comparison and competition with yourself will grow you. As artists we cannot pit ourselves against other artists, ESPECIALLY as beginners. It's the hardest because when you are just starting out, comparison is pretty much what you're gonna naturally do... but you have to train yourself to only compare your work to your past work to see how much you've grown. 

- No matter what medium you are using take some time to learn how to use the color wheel.  When working with lighting and shadows it will be your best friend.…

- Study the basics! No matter if you feel that learning about real life anatomy is pointless, please study it.

- Don't focus on  finding your style early in your art journey - just enjoy drawing and improving!

- Make mistakes! And warm up before drawing!

- Don't be afraid to branch out to new mediums or materials. Someone who specializes in just digital art without having tried any other forms of art might grow as a digital artist, but will not grow as an artist as a whole. 

- Going outside of your comfort zone might be intimidating because you're afraid of failure. But once you attempt something for the first time, it's never perfect. The second, third, fourth, and fifth attempts don't lead to a perfect piece of work either. What does lead to outstanding work is pushing past your limits and exploring what you can do with your art, in addition to constantly practicing the new skills you learn.

- Challenging yourself leads to having a larger skillset, and to an extent, a better understanding of the elements and principles of art (for instance, charcoal and graphite help with value, or using brush-tip pens helps with line control). 

- It is absolutely imperative to learn the foundations of art: the elements and principles, anatomy, color theory, gesture drawing, and more. Many beginner artists nowadays want to jump straight into visual arts without wanting to first learn the foundations. Yes, it's time consuming to learn and practice. Yes, you don't get to jump straight in to everything you want to do. But lots of artists don't realize the importance of the foundations, and so tend to create art "because it looks good", when in reality, the color palette could appear messily-made, the lighting could be confused by forgetting light temperature or making light bounce off the wrong area, the composition could appear clumsy, and so on.

- Learning the basics is what allows artists to end up breaking the rules of art and create their own style. A friend of mine critiqued the artwork of a beginner artist here on deviantART, and one point my friend made was that the proportions of the artist's anatomy were inaccurate. The artist's very first response was, "Well, that's just my style," and asked my friend to leave a "real" critique. Based on her artwork and especially the response, she did not study the foundations of art before she began to create her art. You can't bend or break the rules without learning them first. Even professional artists who produce anime and manga and cartoons learned the foundations of art; it is a common misconception that they just draw anime and manga and cartoons all they like. Learning how to be patient with learning the building blocks of art is a crucial skill that pays off heavily.

Painting - Digital and Traditional!

- Using different sized brushed for different parts of your line-art goes a long way!

- If you have a relatively small budget, Michael's (If you have a Michael's craft store near you) almost always has a good sale on staple-back canvases! 
- Digital artists:  Check what layer you're on often; save even more often. Flip the canvas right and left always.

- Traditional artists: the mirror and windows are your friends. Hold your work up to them so you can see what they look like flipped/reverse. This'll catch mistakes your eyes couldn't see before.

- Shadows always look better if you use the opposite of the base color on the color wheel. If you look at a shadow of an apple or a lemon on a white piece of paper you'll easily be able to tell that in real life shadows aren't just black. 

- Try to limit the number of main colors you use in a piece to 3 - 5. You can always use different shades of the 3 - 5 selected colors to add 'pizazz' if you feel you need to.

- Colored pencil artists:  if you are finding that you cannot seem to lay enough color on your paper, you may not be keeping your pencils sharp enough. The sharper the better to allow your pencil to grab the tooth of the paper, so sharpen often. To achieve smooth, even layering, try using a tight, scribbling motion on your paper instead of long even strokes.

-The website Paletton allows you to  pick the color you want and assists you in selecting monochrome, 3-color complimentary, and a couple of other options. Once you find colors you like, select it and you will be given all the information needed to recreate the exact color in most art software, like sai and photoshop.

- This site speaks on color theory in general.…

- References are very important! Both photos, and other people's art! Ask yourself, "What makes it good?" Maybe the detailing of the hair shows some stray strands. Maybe it has a gradient of light  on it with a solid streak of light across it. Look at art that inspires you and learn their technique. Everybody's style is inspired by others, but if you give it unique touches, it will remain your own. 

-When drawing animals, having a reference is useful to bring out the animal-ness in the character. For example, the wolf will look different from the dog because of the ears, snout, eyes and fur. Some artists have the 'same face syndrome' with animals, and their "otter" looks like an ordinary dog...

- Traditional artists: A really fun and helpful thing to do with colored pencil art, that is often overlooked, is the blending of other materials with it. A personal favorite of mine has always been blending colored pencil and marker (the marker being the over-layer), as you can get some very unique effects this way that neither medium can do on its own. You can also blend colored pencils with pastels, paint, etc. and of course, all those materials can be blended with each other in any other combination as well. Nothing wrong in using what you have available, you'd be amazed what cool results you can get from just being resourceful.

Creative Writing!

- Proper spacing of lines (particularly when using dialogue and description) greatly improves the clarity and overall look of a page!

- Try as hard as you can to keep different people talking on different lines, and always use a breaker in between them.

- Same thing for overly long paragraphs. Long paragraphs put off the reader, because it implies no break, no standstill, no time to think about what they just read. 

- Repetition can be a problem. Unless it is deliberate, using the same word over and over again tends to give the impression of a limited vocabulary. Get yourself a thesaurus! It's a book that groups words with the same meaning so it can greatly improve the appearance of one's writing as well as expand one's own personal vocabulary.

- Like any other creative art you write your best work in the right mood. Don't force yourself to write all the time because you won't want to. Absolutely remove all distractions but anything that can inspire or at least help you write should be used when you do write as, again just like any other creative art, your muse can help you focus on your writing.

- Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. You are your own worst critic, nitpicking all the faults you see in your work. I grew as a writer by both exploring different ideas and putting them online on places like deviantART, and from there I got good advise and positive feedback. Nowadays it's much harder to find that same level of response but it should not discourage you or make you feel that you're a bad writer in any way. Like artists, photographers and painters, writers all start somewhere and from there we grow. Just keep going and trust me, in time you will become better with more practice.

-  In recent years that a lot of the more informed, constructive criticism for writing seems to have migrated to the website AO3 (likely because writing is its sole focus).

4k Watchers Celebratory Feature!

Tue Aug 15, 2017, 4:41 AM
Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for 4000 watchers! These numbers are going by so fast holy moly XD I'm already getting close to 4100 XD Seriously, y'all are incredible :love:
Since I did a huge giveaway at 3k I decided this time to bring it back to you guys and do a nice feature ^^ Not everyone featured is a watcher though and I think that's the beauty of this, to celebrate everyone, not just my little community :) Some of you are here cause you recommended someone or have been recommended, some of you are here for faving my recent art! ^^ Thank you all!
Enjoy the amazing art and hopefully you find some new people to follow!

You Can Be King Again by NintendoFanDA  Beah x Shadow Cloud by Astro8Dog  Weekend Drawing 2 by L4Dragon  KIRBY BAT by kayak-bun  .Watercolor practicing II by iLDS  Sunset Pendant by CatSpaceDesign  Iridiana-OC by EggyBacon04 <da:thumb id="686000290"/>  Inferno Background by BlueComet5  Lunar Fall by LunarEstrella  Obligatory Blackhat Doodle by Greteh  made of stars by uhhlias  Heavenly light by danihealyfiction  Universe Realms - Sisters by fenifire  [OPEN] Terran Planet 009 by Planetrix  Bigby Wolf - The Wolf Among Us by Kyoma974  Kindred by Merilfaen696  Sea by zin-chi  Bunny oc ^_^ by SpookyScarySpooker  Rain and... uh, some other girl by JocelynSamara  Happy Birthday Sis (Makoto Niijima from Persona 5) by SerraBritt  SassiEdenMir - The Triad by SmokinCute  Joan's Green Dress Commission by wastedshame  Lynden Wentworth by GrappleLordZarak  Stars in your eyes by TheMs0kitty  Calendra Awakened: a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign by HeroofTime123  Premier Rik Latyeskov's Modified TT-33 (CD) by RedRich1917  Year of the Rooster by Ryrua  Illu - shashou by ZuzoHyuu  George, the Gunslinger by mariblackheart  Fire Dancer by arikeltoreador  rising sun by Naysae  Drethathon - Prequel to Netheron Bookcover by Vivyi  The Kiss by KWellington  Blue Lady by DaliteDraws  Yomoco by AbyssWatchers  crazy fang and my friends oc again by NIGHT1WARRIOR  Atlas [Art Trade] by CyndalCreates  Benny by ValleyVix  Senran Kagura: Samurai War - Uo Siblings by MCN51FJ  WIP by Kyoujiru-Haruka  Bridge by David-The-Beast  Yusuf by Kgoku28  Wingnut 0624 by Skaramine Sunken City story contestAstera woke on a cold stone floor, coughing up water that had slipped down into her throat.  The journey down to the sunken city of Relion had been a long one and, even with the mermaids’ help, the pressure in getting down had knocked her unconscious.  She got on all fours and shook the water as best she could from her soft cream fur.  She checked her sword and shield to make sure both were still with her before standing up and taking in her surroundings.
She was in an entrance hall to the city, just as she’d been told.  She was shocked that there was air down here.  It was possibly some magic in place.  As they had told her, the merfolk had refused to do more than deposit her inside.  They hadn’t even the courage to stick around and make sure she woke safely.   Whatever manner of monster lie in these ruins, they feared it greatly.  A determined look came across her face. 
  Strawberry Ocean by zenoshitomora  Maurice from Beauty and the Beast by Violin100  Absent by TheLoveTrain  Six- Little Nightmares (gift) by Raimei-Kuroneko  Smuggler 15 by Dougxiles  Korean Actor Drawing by Antebelle  The Hound Finished by Dulcahn  Alastair again by jojothegamerfan123  Prophet by JPMNeg  Megan's FindMegan fought off four heavily armed raiders at the same time easily, parrying each of their harsh sword strikes with a small flick of her epee.  She was a masterclass swordswoman, and it showed in her fighting style.  Quick and deadly, she toyed with each of the hulking men as they rained blows down on her, but none of them could land a single one, her skill was too great.  Soon enough, Megan tired of this game and whittled down the attackers to three, and soon after, to two.  Two more lightning fast flashes of her sword, and there were no more raiders attacking her village.  She calmly sheathed her blade and announced that the raiders were dead, and the villagers came out in a throng, all wanting to congratulate their protector on another amazing job.  The multitude surrounded her, patting her on the back, stroking her long red braids, fawning over her entirely.
Megan put her book down, stood up from her nook in the den (it had the best light for reading)
  Undead Rogue by Icedragon300  Cabin FeverFeb, 2
I've been living in this cabin for two days now since I've started my vacation. Just now a blizzard came out of nowhere and has started blocking the Windows and doors with snow. As of now, I'm just waiting for storm to be over. Luckily I have some food, water and some firewood to keep over for a few days. For now I'll just wait it out.
Feb, 3
The snow hasn't gone away yet. It's getting so boring. I started rationing the food I have left. Hopefully it blows over soon because I really have to go outside. I just finished my last chocolate bar. I really wish I hadn't, cause I'm really craving for some more.
Feb, 4
I'm tired, and I really can't get any sleep. I'm trying to ration enough food as I can, but I'm having this huge urge to keep on eating, however I'm trying to resist. Why hasn't anyone come to find me yet. I'm starting to think that they aren't looking for me. I've been trying to radio in some help but all I'm getting is some static
Feb, 5
What the fuck is taking them so d
  Feferi pexies by lillitblan  Mind Over Matter by Gelefant  Cole (dragon age) by tanya250  Bumps by Haunting-Rose  Vira (Clean) by pzreich24  Ferris - Normal Girl... by HACHI-HANA  Flower of the EastI met a little flower once,
A pretty flower blooming in brown grass.
It asked me where I was from,
"From the west" I told it. 
The flower smiled and began to sing of high class,
That one would think the daffodil was a dunce.
It spoke to me many times,
Many good and bad memories were shared in the Brown Meadow
But even through the thick and thin,
That little, pretty, dainty Eastern Bloom stayed true.
Like an unspoiled loyal can of tin.
One day I left the East,
And the flower waited and waited...
Then one day... she found me.
She grew lonely and somber,
Wanting the affections of a Western lad,
When all had been said and done,
We'd have to say that this...
This is a good start.
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Mature Content

Titan by winterschok
  Hina and Her Hubby by jlite201  A modern world III: Decadence by ZetaZeta1  Grime by TimtheTumbleweed  Angel by killjoykitty1  The Hybrid. by Maxigce  WheirdsThe Wheird Race
Quinzirra was the only goddess that couldn't escape Eve's incessant ramblings about what her perfect race would be like. Eve went on for days, which turned to weeks, which turned to months. All that she spoke of, was the Guldani (High Elfs) that she intended to create. Quinzirra nodded off one day as Eve droned on. As the older goddess imagined devouring the favored creations of the younger goddess, her thoughts seeped out of her mind, and mixed with her shadow. Her shadow then took shape, and split into many pieces. These pieces became the Wheird. The predatory, yet shy and solitary Whierds, devour shadows. They especially like the taste of mages. One that has lost their shadow inevitably goes mad. There is no cure, other than the gods themselves intervening.
Eventually, Eve began to notice that her Guldani were going missing. After investigation, she discovered that the Wheirds were to blame.
  Damien Bloodmarch by TheChicRecruit  A Happy Hug. by JuliaTheArtist10  Shay [Voltron: Legendary Defender] |FanArt! by SilverTox  [gift for N-creates] Orion Irus by ticketytockgittygear  Lisa Garland - The Crimson Angel by S-Moonshadow  SkekLa Revisited by SkekKel  more old stuff by Hanshowlett24  Laughin' Hector. by NickRichie  Mine by Scionjeshua 

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Amy Rose leaned over a balcony overlooking Station Square watching the last embers of the sun as it set on the horizan, as she was watching it memories came flooding back into her mind of Sonic and her fighting Dr Eggman and his horde of robots, "how I miss Sonic and those days." She said to herself as she watched Station Square's lights switch themselves on, it had been a while since she had last seen or spoken to Sonic and as far as she knew he was now in love with Sally, Sally was very much like Amy herself very involved with the blue hedghog but unlike Amy who disired nothing but his love Sally wanted Sonic all to herself. "That spoiled little Princess," Amy thought to herself as she clunched her hand into a fist, "why does Sonic like her and not me?" As she said this she could her footsteps behind her, she turned slowly behind her and came face to face with Tails, the young fox was smiling at her "tails," she said in surprise, "what are you doing here?" The fox continued
  My new persona by BurntBubble  Pidee by DuckRaffleTickets  Marina by TheArtisticFae  Fantroll Custom 27 (1/3) by psychowave  Midna by Rolut 

Mature Content

I don't like the drugs, but the drugs like me by OpusPaganus
  Red - Taylor Swift by CristianSJuarez  grow anew by LumiePop  Man Portrait by SmilingSkull77  Laurel approves by LizbotTheClumsy  The Wold Ends With You Symbol by RedDiz2  Lost - Reference by YBravery  The Bunnyman by TheDrunkCorgi  Faerie by Luna-DiAngelo  Dark Green And Black by A-JFireWolf  Please. by 123Yeyeyay  strawberry by LunagirlOficial  Birthday oc for Akira by CharaDreemurrKnife  Adventurers for Hire: Skyrim's Opportunities Ch 110 Second Seed 4E 200
In the month since they arrived in Skyrim, J’Khasha and Gazes-At-Stars have developed quite a reputation. Although working around Winterhold proved to be a bust, once they began working in the southern Holds things picked up quick. They had done at least one job in each Hold so far, and they had learned which Holds were the best and worst to work in. Falkreath, the Pale, and Hjaalmarch were the easiest as the Khajiit ban didn’t apply to their capitals, allowing J’Khasha to enter and conduct his business. The Rift was the most lucrative, Riften had the most merchants of any city, willing to buy all the treasure they could carry, there was always someone who needed a couple of mercenaries to do their dirty work, and the ban on Khajiit wasn’t seriously enforced there. They only did one bounty job in Eastmarch, and it was the last job they’d do there, the Khajiit ban was fully enforced in Windhelm, they wouldn’t allow J’Khasha
  HeiPuaHei by AsMyWorldDivides  MEW by Fanaticanime01  Cave by RyomaReidPotter  Sunset Dance, Are you coming to the hanging tree? by Ghostray567  Kaii Yuki (Request #6) by RaichuIsBetter  Sheilah by Allora2500  Zentangled Octopus by darkboo027 <da:thumb id="697344173"/>  w0rsh1p y0ur b34n g0d by smaugthegreat108  so sweet by TheBlubMaster  Peace by FormOfNo  Zeal by PowerShiftalpha  A Picture of Rouge by SwordRedheart  The Dark Side Had Devoured Her Whole Being by SevLikesArt  Floofer floof by l2OSEBUD  Petunia by Kichhu  it's over before it even started. by ScaenaNigra  IT'S THE B OI by CutieBean  Just a girl_1 by LillithTheWitchHero  These two babs are so cute by TheRambinator Alice in Wonderland -White Rabbit (monochrome) by tinydtk   The Crimson Dragonflight by ExcellentLlama  Nefertiti by sketchgrind  Pic 111 by Muwaten82

Mental Health Awareness - Paranoid PD

Thu Aug 10, 2017, 4:41 PM
It's been a while since I've done one of these, because there haven't really been any events that I've heard of, but I decided to do one without it. Again, apologies for the PD abbreviation, it doesn't let me type in the entire thing. So here's a journal to promote awareness and acceptance of Paranoid Personality Disorder.

Disclaimer: I do not have Paranoid Personality Disorder, so some of the stuff I say might be unintentionally hurtful or inaccurate - if you want to make any corrections, or just contribute anything at all to this, please let me know in comments or notes! Any edits requested will be left anonymous unless you ask to be identified :) (Smile)

What Is Paranoid Personality Disorder?

Paranoid Personality Disorder (or PPD) is a Cluster A personality disorder, the cluster characterised by 'eccentric' behaviours. PPD results in an extreme distrust of others and a tendency to interpret their actions as negative or threatening. They may be unwilling to confide in people, distance themselves from others and bear longstanding grudges. 

Symptoms include:
- unjustifiably suspicious of others
- socially distant or isolated
- concerned with hidden motives
- expects to be exploited
- poor self image
- hostility
- inability to collaborate
- difficulty relaxing

As with other personality disorders, PPD is unlikely to be diagnosed in children and must have symptoms present in adults for over a year to receive a diagnosis. The cause is unknown but believed to be a mix of genetic predisposition and negative social factors and interactions in early life. 

What Does Treatment Involve?

Long-term psychotherapy is usually useful in managing PPD, though it can be complicated if the individual becomes suspicious of the medical professionals or do not see their symptoms as unwarranted. Medications can also be introduced to deal with any comorbid disorders such as depression and/or anxiety. 

What Are Some Myths About Paranoid Personality Disorder?

- People with PPD are crazy
Although those with PPD may show symptoms of delusions (beliefs maintained despite being contradicted by reality), they are certainly not crazy and many can function well in society.

- Those with PPD cannot have healthy or happy relationships/friendships
Although friendships and relationships may have great difficulties for those with PPD, it certainly is not impossible and treatment further improves the chances of the individual being able to have many normal friendships :)

- People with PPD are dangerous
Although PPD may cause symptoms of hostility, such hostility is usually verbal and generally doesn't carry onto physical violence or aggression. Furthermore, for the individual with PPD, it is not a offensive action but rather one of defence.

Paranoid Personality Disorder is a difficult disorder to cope with and while it may cause frustration for those on the receiving end, it's equally as tough for the person with the disorder to try to control their paranoia. Please have patience with them :)

Some People Ignore Us, But -

Tue Aug 1, 2017, 11:11 PM
I'd imagine a majority of people on this site, myself certainly and unashamedly included, are looking for a higher watcher count. 

We can't blame ourselves for this, especially if we don't really get a lot of attention in real life. I mean, who doesn't want a little acknowledgement, right? And a high watcher count feels good. It's amazing to see the count going up and thinking, dang, all these people who like my art! 
But I've come to learn that a big watcher count isn't everything, and more importantly, a small watcher count doesn't mean you have terrible art. 
I'm going to use myself as an example, because I'd rather not slander other artists with these stats, though I know for a fact that it happens to most of us XD I have approximately 3.5k watchers. That's a heck of a lot. And don't get me wrong, I appreciate every one of you guys, that's not what this journal is about - I'm just trying to make a point about something called 'dead watchers' , because I often see people upset about it and thinking it's something they're doing wrong.

I promise you, it's not your fault!

As I say, I have a lot of watchers. But each of my art pieces gets a lot fewer views than I have watchers. That means there are a lot of people not seeing my art. These people are commonly known as dead watchers, or empty watches, or something along these lines, and EVERYONE has them. And the more watchers you have, the more dead watchers you have XD
I'm NOT having a go at these watchers, not at all - I'm most certainly a dead watcher to a few of the people I watch, so I totally understand. But I do see a lot of people, usually with smaller watch counts, thinking they've done something wrong because most of their watchers are ignoring them. PLEASE believe me when I say, it's not your fault! It's nothing you're doing wrong! Your art doesn't suck, your skill hasn't gotten worse, it's not how active or inactive you might be, and your statuses and journals aren't annoying. It's just a reality of dA that people don't have the time or wherewithal to get to everyone they watch. Some of them might not even be active on their accounts anymore, which of course is nothing you can blame yourself for! And who knows - these watchers might not be inactive after all, just watching you from a distance! You never know ;)
I know it can be kind of upsetting, but it just helps highlight the active watchers you do have, and teaches you to run your account for yourself rather than for anyone else. There are dozens of names that I see constantly popping up in my notifications for faving or commenting, and trust me I do notice, and it does give me the warm fuzzies :D You'll have watchers like this too, and if you don't now, you will! And they're the ones that really matter :)